Commercial Window tinting

Natural Lighting in your Commercial Environment Naturally comes from your big windows within your building.  But with these big windows comes an array of new issues. Excessive heat and glare can make your office and employees extremely uncomfortable and easily distracted from their tasks at hand!  Installing blinds takes away from your natural lighting, really doesn't help with excessive heat gain and just plain looks tacky in most instances!

Professionally Installed Window Film from Performance Glass Tinting can remedy most if not all of your excessive heat and glare issues all while drastically improving the aesthetics of your office by giving a nice uniform appearance from the outside.  

Our films will block up to 84% of the Total Solar Energy entering through the windows while also blocking up to 90% of the unwanted glare to give your employees a more comfortable workplace to proficiently do their job! 

We also offer safety/security type films to strengthen your windows in the event of hurricanes or smash and grab robbers. The options are endless! 

Recently we have added interior glass designs for interior glass offices. There are literally hundreds of interior printed design films, to my own custom frost type designs some of which are added to the photos below!

Give us a call for an absolute free, no pressured consultation and let us show you how to transform your office into an environmentally friendly, energy saving, comfortable working environment!

Commercial Window Tinting near completion

Commercial Window Tinting near completion

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