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We have been in the Window Tinting business since 1998! In all those years we have used or tested nearly every film on the market. Our favorite film by far has been Global Window Films. I'm sure you've never heard of this brand film so i would encourage you to research this film. From my professional standpoint it is by far the most durable, best color, trouble free film on the market and Performance Glass Tinting is the only True Authorized Dealer in the New Bern Area..We also have access to most other Major Window Film Manufactures if you would like to discuss other options We would be more then happy! 

Global QDP

*Premium dye colorstable film.

*Advanced UV protection rejecting over 99% of the suns harmful rays

*VLT's from 4% to 50%

*Limited Lifetime Warranty

Global High Performance

*Premium Dye/Metal Construction for excellent heat protection

*Advanced UV protection rejecting over 99% of the suns harmful rays

*VLT's from 5% to 50%

*Limited Lifetime Warranty

Global QDP Ceramic

*Premium Dye/Ceramic Construction for the ultimate in heat protection

*Advanced UV protection rejecting over 99% of the suns harmful rays

*Non interference construction for today's high tech vehicles

*VLT's from 4% to 86%

*Limited Lifetime Warranty



Had  my 98 GMC Sonoma, Ext. Cab tinted here. Chris worked around my busy  schedule, and had my truck ready on time. He offers a lifetime warranty,  and charges a much lower price than the other tint shops in Havelock.  The tint looks amazing, like a machine did it. I thought the quarter  panels would be a challenge, but they looked great too, like they came  with factory tint. Definitely head to Carolina Performance if you want a  stellar tint job with a low price.

Austin Carlyle..Facebook


Chris  went out of his way to fit me in after I had a unfortunate encounter  with a tree limb and had to have some glass replaced in my car. Once the  glass was installed he hooked me up with a quick appointment time that  worked for my busy schedule.  I am very happy with the tint.  It looks  better than it did before the limb smashed my window.

Tony Raymond..Facebook


Chris is top notch. Got me in with no problem. Don't mind driving from Newport for great service

Thomas Cheever..Facebook


Super nice guy, fit me in next day! Works quick and efficient for a great price. Highly reccomend and will use again 👌

Emily Ciano..Facebook

What Is The Difference with Ceramic?


What is the Legal North Carolina Limit?

North Carolina Tint Limit on sedan's is 35% on all side windows and the backglass with a 3% tolerance, meaning 32% at the very darkest. 

MPV's (Trucks, Van's, SUV's)  35% on the front 2 windows, any darkness behind the front 2 Windows. 

A windshield strip of 5" or AS1 line whichever is greater for front windshield.

How Long Does It Take to Tint My Vehicle?

Vehicles are Typically done by appointment.  2 front windows typically takes 30 minutes, a banner on the windshield 15 extra minutes.  Typical 4 door car, truck, suv etc 2-3 hours..

What is the difference in the regular vs ceramic tint?

Any film we use is a high quality film with a lifetime warranty.  The biggest difference is Ceramic blocks 2-3 times more heat then your regular film.

Is there a Warranty?

Sure, every film we carry is extremely durable. Every vehicle we tint has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Basically if it ever peels, bubbles, fades, changes colors, delaminates, or has adhesive failure we stand behind it 100%.  If you scratch it, glass gets busted out and replaced, or buy a new vehicle then that's not covered under warranty.

Does the Tint Go On the Inside?


Is the Back Window Done in 1 Piece?


Can i Match the Factory Tint on My Truck or SUV?

We can match it sure, however most factory tint is around 20% and to be NC Legal the fronts have to be 32% at the very darkest, so to be NC Legal the fronts have to be sightly lighter.

How Long Have you Been Tinting Vehicles? 

Since 1998! As of now 21 years and many thousands of vehicles!

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